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Turkey is among the most travelers in the first place. You get a great deal on offer for little money. Large-known cities such as Istanbul, Antalya or Izmir Turkey invite vacationers to stay. The national drink - tea: In Turkey, you often get a brownish drink in the small glass - tea. It is consumed exclusively black tea. The glass is touched at the top, because it is very heated by the scalding hot tea. In the small tea glasses they are two sugar cube or a teaspoon of sugar, which is sufficient for five infusions. Milk does not exist, because this distorts the taste of the tea. So it would be just asking for milk an insult.
Visit your holiday and enjoy your vacation in the land of the pyramids and enjoy the Egyptian flair. Egypt
Culinary: The Egyptians actually eats mostly vegetarian. The rich variety of legumes play an important role in Egyptian cuisine.
Sights for your holiday in Egypt: Abu Simbel (The Great Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel), Aswan (The cleanest city in Egypt Here is the famous Aswan Dam..), Philae Temple Isis Temple also called Edfu - Here is the Temple of Horus (falcon), Kom Ombo - Temple of the Nile god Sobek (crocodile god), Luxor - Karnak and Luxor temples, Thebes West - Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, Hatshepsut Temple (Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut), Valley of the Queens (tomb of the great royal consorts).


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Spend your holiday in the Canaries in azure endless sandy beaches and let your mind wander. The Canary Islands are an ideal year-round destination for Europeans seeking relaxation. More and more Cheap Flight Deals let the dream destination Canaries also move closer financially. Whether the long-planned vacation or last minute offers, vacation packages or individual holiday, the Canary Islands are the perfect destination for your vacation. The offers are wide ranging from all inclusive holiday to the idyllic holiday houses or villas. Especially after the demand is constantly growing individual holiday. and of course the right car for your trip Canary Islands you will find us.

Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands group and is very popular with travelers. In the summer months there is little rain and temperatures can reach up to 40 ° C in the interior of the island. Ripe lemons and oranges, the famous almond blossom and green meadows with lots of natural flowers in spring give the island a very special atmosphere and attract many tourists every year.

Holidays in Italy ...

means primarily culinary delights for many. In addition to pasta dishes are regional specialties such as osso buco and polenta to the typical Italian cuisine, including wines such as Barolo, Piedmont, the Tignanello from the Chianti or Amarone from the Valpolicella is one of them. Dinner is the main meal, which consists of four courses with the Italians. Besides good food in Italy there are plenty of sights to Baroque architecture of ancient Rome, Renaissance Florence and finally the villas of Andrea Palladio in the Veneto. Gondola rides in Venice or hiking in the crater of Mount Vesuvius near Naples for many tourists who travel to Italy as a must as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Also popular are wine festivals that take place, for example, in the Chianti region of Tuscany. One of the most famous wine festival is celebrated every year in Bardolino on Lake Garda.

Tunisia - beautiful cities for holidays
An important goal is the island of Djerba. Especially in the north can be seen picturesque ruins of the Romans and the Byzantines. In the south, the oases Nefta and Douz are very attractive. The magic of the desert with the taste of fresh dates is always worth a trip. In the south is mentioned in some of the Karl May novels Chott El Jerid. Mirages, a deceptively shimmering water surface in all colors, it is a fascinating experience and the., Without any admission fee
There are several attractions in Tunisia. In particular, are scattered all over the country - original locations of scenes from the Star Wars films to find.
Make your holiday unforgettable, the numerous additional services include, for example: a vacation in Africa, discover Africa's game parks and unique wildlife. Get to know people and enjoy the different culture. If you travel to your holiday but time to Cuba, you will make your holiday something very special. The Dominican Republic and the Caribbean also offer endless beaches and is unique for sun-seeking beach goers.

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